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Address Chambres d'Hôtes Kerdavid
Kerdavid, 56930 Pluméliau
Phone +32 (0)489 40 94 92 [Contact_Index_Phone2 : en] Email


We, Dorien and Bert, a Young couple from Antwerp, Belgium, have moved to France.
Because we want to share our beautiful and quiet environment, we rent out 4 rooms and a gîte.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have some questions after looking at the website!

Dorien & Bert

Can't find Kerdavid in your GPS?
Some GPS know Kerdavid as a street in Pluméliau, other GPS call it a place. In French it is called "Lieu Dit Kerdavid" (a place called Kerdavid). You can try "Kerdavid" as a city name, "Kerdavid" as a street in Pluméliau or just enter "Rue du Maneguen" in Pluméliau and follow this road till you see a sign "Kerdavid" (approx. 1.3km from the Pluméliau church). If you have difficulties to find Kerdavid, please call us. If you like, we can pick you up at Pluméliau Church.